Dental crowns and bridges are used to repair damaged or missing teeth. Crowns are generally used when a tooth can be repaired individually, while bridges are used to repair missing or teeth damaged beyond repair.

Repair damaged teeth with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns
Crowns are usually placed when the remaining structure of a tooth is no longer capable of supporting, or adequately retaining, a standard filling.  A crown will support and hold together the remaining tooth structure. This minimizes the possibility of a tooth fracturing.

Dental crowns do not eliminate the possibility of tooth decay. The crown itself will not decay, but the tooth could decay along the edges of the crown if not properly maintained.

Placing a crown often requires two visits. Once an old filling and decay are removed from the tooth structure the tooth is then prepared for a crown.  If the tooth is severely damaged a core build up may be necessary to hold the crown in its proper position.  In Dr. Nate Lewis’s office a machine called the Cerec CAD/CAM can build the crown in office.  For more information click here to visit our Cerec page.

Dental Bridges
Unlike crowns, dental bridges are used to replace a single tooth, or a series of teeth, missing from the arch. Dental bridges will also span positions in the mouth where teeth are missing. Since they are cemented to surrounding natural-teeth or dental-implants, a dental bridge is a long term solution designed cosmetic appearance.

The adjacent teeth which the bridges attach to are known as abutments. They act as an anchoring mechanism for the bridge. The abutment is then covered by a pontic which is an artificial replacement for the anchoring tooth, thus it the span of the bridge will look cosmetically blended.

Dr. Nate Lewis DDS will help you restore the aesthetic appearance of your smile. If a bridge is necessary he will work with you to decide the materials and color matching considerations, so that your budget and smile can be satisfied.