Renew your smile and confidence with solutions by Dr Nate Lewis DDS

Maximizing the beauty of your smile may be an in-depth process, but the rewards are great. A new smile brings renewed condfidence and others around you, whether in the work-place, social scenes, or family, will notice your brighter persona.

Smile Makeovers
Dr Nate Lewis DDS practices both general dentistry, which focuses on dental health, and cosmetic dentistry, which addresses a patient’s mouth aesthetics and any concerns they may have regarding mouth/teeth malfunction. This process of cosmetic treatments and procedures that will transform a mouth is often referred to as a Smile Makeover.

The difference between ones face where the smile is well formed and beaming white, and the alternative, may be the difference in possessing a face that is considered aesthetically pleasing, and one that is considered less than. For this reason guests, and potential guests, of Dr Nate Lewis DDS request a smile makeover consultation to determine what treatments and procedures are necessary to obtain such a smile.

The before & after treatment pictures below provide a clear case for cosmetic dentistry, and the brilliance that can be achieved through simple routines such as teeth whitening through more in-depth ones such as placing porcelain veneers. All of these images were taken from actual guests of Dr Nate Lewis DDS and while these transformations are amazing, the can be expected by our future guests.

Experience the brilliance!

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