Practice Resources – Billing, Dental Insurance, Payment Options

When it comes to visiting the dentist, there are numerous consideration to be made outside of the actual treatments performed. Dr Nate Lewis DDS understands this and in an effort to assist our clients with understanding the associated intricacies we have provided this Practice Resources web page.

Here you will find information on our Practice’s billing procedures, handing of dental insurance, and the payment options that can be made. Of course we are happy to take your phone call or email, so if there are questions you have please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Billing by Dr Nate Lewis DDS

Procedures for handling client billing can vary from dental practice to dental practice. Because of this, Dr Nate Lewis DDS has spent time working with his staff to create standards that will enable our practice to execute precise billing. In addition, these billing standards ensure that each client will have their dental insurance investigated and payment options presented.

Dr Nate Lewis DDS feels confident that our billing standards and practices will help our clients by providing them with all of their options relating to the financial responsibility associated with any treatment, significant or routine. Ultimately we are working to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible and we extend this to the billing aspect by;

• Discussing all insurance and payment options for our clients to consider

• Determining your dental insurance benefits for current and future treatments

• Handling all billing submission and follow-up with your dental insurance provider

• Where applicable, defining a treatment plan to identify all future procedures and costs

• Collecting co-payments at the time of service

Your Dental Insurance Benefits

We understand that dental expenses can be unexpected, and when expected they are still probably not a desired out-of-pocket expenditure. That is why Dr Nate Lewis DDS will investigate any dental insurance plan that may offer dental benefits coverage when we perform any dental treatment for a client.

We want to make certain that every possible contribution available from an insurance provider is obtained and to assist you in this we will;

• Contact your dental insurance company and determine your eligibility and benefit coverages
• Handle the billing directly with your dental insurance provider
• Possibly adjust treatment costs to meet networked dental insurance providers contracts

• We accept all local and national insurance providers!
If you are unsure of your dental benefit coverage contact us and we will do the leg-work for you. We will determine your dental insurance coverage’s are and what the out-of-pocket expense will be to you after that deduction.

- Dr Nate Lewis DDS does not accept Medicaid

Payment Options

When you undergo a treatment from Dr Nate Lewis DDS there are associated financial responsibilities. These obligations range greatly based on the treatment(‘s) rendered. For example, a less demanding procedure such as teeth cleaning will be a fraction of the cost as a very intricate procedure like having veneers placed.

To best serve our clients our dental practice follows specific guidelines regarding payment for services rendered. With that said, we do our best to offer flexible solutions for affording the costs associated with all treatments including the following;

  •  We accept Cash!


  •  We accept all major Credit Cards!