Composite tooth fillings are the ideal solution to fill in cavities for clients who are concerned with the cosmetic appearance of their teeth. Dr Nate Lewis prefers the composite filling material since it natural blends into the surrounding teeth.

Maintain a healthy smile and improve cosmetic appearance

Fillings are dental treatments that help in preventing future deterioration of a tooth due to decay. If tooth decay is detected through regular dental checkups there is a good chance that a filling can be used to remove the decay and restore health to the tooth.

There are three basic types of filling material used in treating tooth decay;

• Amalgam, a metallic-gray silver and mercury alloy, hardens over time after the filling is placed.

• Gold, a softer metal, forms a seal through placement pressure as it is being pressed into the cavity; gold fillings do not require curing.

• Composite, which is a colored resin, is cured by light once placed in the cavity. The composite filling can be tinted to match the surrounding tooth color.

Tooth decay is also referred to as a cavity due to the open area left behind once the decay is removed. The exposed cavity requires a filling to seal off the tooth and prevent further decay.

Dr Nate Lewis DDS prefers a composite filling as it can be matched to the shade and color of individual teeth thus blending in naturally to its surroundings.